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Before asking a question via the form "contact us", you can check this FAQ to verify that the answer is not already there.



How the site works

Q - Why choose Zaclys rather than another site?

THE MINISTER - Our vision of things is totally different from other established sites. We are a non-profit 1901 law association and free software followers. The site is French and hosted in France, as well as all the data of the members. The respect of your freedom and your rights is for us an absolute priority. Finally, we have two essential priorities: security (total and clear control of your albums and shares) and ease of use (even for seniors).

Q - Where can I find the Zaclys Terms of Use?

R - They are presented to you when you register on the site, their acceptance is essential for the creation of an account. These conditions can be consulted at any time here:,mentions


Q - Are Zaclys services free?

R - Zaclys offers a totally free set of services (only the Mail service is reserved for subscribers). However, joining the association by paying a fee, gives entitlement to additional functions, bonuses in some way. Most importantly, these contributions help support volunteers who work on their spare time, and contribute to the cost of hosting servers and funding site improvements.

See the table showing basic functions and additional functions:

To join, support the association and participate in the improvement of the site: , 1 donation

Q - Will the data that I put online remain it or will it disappear one day?

A - As long as you do not delete your account, and as long as Zaclys exists, your data will remain online (except for the Sending service, see "Using the Sending Service"). This site exists since 2008 and its durability is not a concern.

Q - Is the site sustainable? Is there no probability that it will disappear one day or another?

A - We are a non-profit association 1901 and above all, we are in total self-financing and complete autonomy. We do not have investors, no debts, no links to the stock exchange ... The amount of annual contributions takes into account the cost of leasing and purchasing equipment to run the site and store all your photos, quite simply.
So even if we do not know the future, we have every reason to remain confident :)

Q - I have trouble using Zaclys services. Everything is slow, it works badly, or not at all.

A - When you have difficulty, do not hesitate to contact us, by checking your Internet debit (for this you can do a test on The speed of the services depends very much on the speed of your connection, as well as the time of day (slower at night). In addition, the site being optimized for Firefox, check if your problems persist with this browser

Q - Although the site is optimized for Firefox, my uploads are very slow, while they are normal with other browsers.

A - It has already happened that an antivirus bridges or blocks Firefox at this level. To test this, temporarily disable your antivirus and try the test again. If it is the antivirus that is in question, add it Firefox as "trusted application".

Q - Can the site be consulted in languages ​​other than French?

A - Yes. At the top right of the screen you can click on the small flags to switch the entire website to English, German, Italian or Spanish. That is to say that the site detects the language of the browser, to make the toggle to the corresponding language automatically. Your foreign correspondents will have the site translated without doing anything.

Q - I have seen that membership was offered to schools. Is this also applies to the Mail service? How do we apply for free membership?

R - Free membership implies for the school she enjoys all the member benefits Now, including the Mail service.
Use the contact form to us to request, by simply specifying the email from the school you will use Zaclys address on the site.



Account management

Q - How do I change the password or nickname of my account?

A - At the top right of the page, click on "My Profile", then click on the "My contact information" tab. Click on "click here to change your password". The following area allows you to change your username.

Q - How do I change the email address of my account? How do I delete my account?

R - These functions are not yet available in the "My Profile" area. To delete your account, you must first delete ALL your photo albums from your profile and then apply for an account closure using the "Contact Us" link at the top right of the page. We will delete it manually. Same for an email change. Give us the new email desired and we will make the change.

Q - I just paid a fee for Silver or Gold, but I still do not have them.

R - To activate your new functions, you must log out and connect again.

Q - My automatic reconnection in the day with the same browser does not work.

R - If you use the reconnection on another browser in the meantime, your "token" is overwritten, only the last browser keeps it (for security).

Q - What happens if I do not renew my membership after a year?

A - The member automatically receives an alert mail before the end of the annual membership. If the member does not renew his membership, nothing is erased, he loses just the additional functions related to his account, but keeps all his documents.



Using the Album service

Q - Where can I find help for creating albums?

R – Vous pouvez consulter notre page d'aide :

Q - Do the people I want to share access to my albums have to create an account?

A - No, it is not mandatory. At an invitation, they will receive an email containing a secure link giving them read-only access to the albums they are invited to

Q - Can my guests add photos to my albums?

R - YES since May 2013, to find out more:,p125,268

Q - Can a guest see the e-mail addresses of other guests?

A - No, all email addresses are visible only to the owner of the album, so for the one who created the invitations.

Q - How are albums and photos classified?

R - In an album, the photos are classified chronologically. In your account, albums are sorted alphabetically. You can name them to get a custom sort.

Q - Can I change the order of photos in an album?

R - Yes, it is now possible:,p125,419

Q - Can I upload files other than photos, such as videos?

A - This is possible if you have Silver or Gold functions:

Q - I just created an album and invite my friends. If I create a second album, do I have to enter their emails again?

A - An address book function is provided to simplify the management of your guests. In the meantime, you can use a copy / paste. Open your album containing the invitations. Click "Edit". Select the list of emails and right-click, "copy". In the same area of ​​your new album, right-click and "paste"

Q - Why are some pictures in my albums not in the right direction?

A - The pictures are in the right direction thanks to the use of the EXIF ​​data contained in them. But these data may be lost in some cases, such as with the use of photo editing software, or may not exist at all in the case of old cameras

Q - Why can not I use multiple selection when I want to upload a set of photos in Internet Explorer?

A - It seems that Internet Explorer does not support this function since version 9. We advise you to use Firefox or another web browser

Q - I would like to publish one of my albums on my website, is it possible?

A - Yes, it is possible but only for public albums. It is then necessary to use the "Publish" function visible in the insert at the top of the album. Just copy and paste the html code (which is then given to you) into your web page, to display the dynamic and clickable artwork of your album.
You can also manually use the address of the (url) page of your album

Q - During an invitation, guests receive a secure link. How is this link secured since it is enough to click on it to have access to the albums?

A - In every mail that goes to your guests, there is a password in the link that allows guests to access your album. It is a unique and unique password for each guest and for each album and it is very complex (more than 30 alpha numeric characters that are visible in the right side of the link). When your guest clicks the link, this password in the address allows the site to identify your guest for your album. So at any time if you remove one of the friends from the list on your album, its link and its associated password immediately become obsolete.

It is as secure as giving him a unique password to grasp himself, even better because it is very complex, and it changes for each album. But actually if it follows this link to a third party, or if its email box is hacked, then this key can be used by another person, but it is also the case for any password of anything if Your mailbox is compromised ...

In short we wanted a system very simple to use (our retired parents must be able to use it!) But surely not to the detriment of security.

Q - The invitations were sent when I did nothing. Is this normal?

A - Yes, the invitations will automatically start after 24 hours. If you do not want this to happen, go to "My Profile" and then on the "My settings and preferences" tab. Uncheck the line "Automatically send invitations in case of forgetting".

Q - I added photos to an album, but they do not appear.

A - When adding photos to an album, the order of ranking is chronological. It is therefore necessary to check if these photos did not appear at the end of album.

Q - The Album service is slow, what can I do?

A - There are mainly three factors that influence the speed of service:
1: Members have priority for processing their albums.
2: Your internet connection may be punctually slow. You can check your
3: The upload is always much slower than the download. To improve the speed, you can reduce the size of your photos before uploading, for example with the software Gimp + The Bimp plugin (Exists for windows linux and mac) or with Image Resizer (Windows only)



Using the Send service

Q - How long are my data on the Send service online?

A - By default, the data is retained for 15 days. However, this period increases to 20 days for members with "Silver" functions and 30 days for those with "Gold" functions. See the summary table:

Q - Are the pictures I send via the Send service compressed or reduced in quality?

R - Your files are automatically compressed (grouped automatically in a Zip) to facilitate their download by your guests. But they do not lose their quality: during the decompression by the recipient, they return to their original format.

Q - What additional services can I get by joining the association?

A - As for the other services, the Silver and Gold functions related to the Send service are described in a table on the page Adhere .



Using the Cloud Service

Q - I just opened an account on, how can I open a Cloud account?

R - On, go to "My Profile" and then on the "Cloud" tab. Click "Yes" to activate your account. You will then have access to your username and password, which you can change.

Q - How do I access my Cloud space?

R - Connect to . The identifier and the password are to be recovered during the step described in the previous question. In addition to The web interface, You can also access your cloud space via a Synchronization client .

Q - What storage capacity can I have?

R - The storage capacity is 1GB for non-members, 5GB for "Silver" members, and 10GB for "Gold" members. You can get more capacity, with a donation of 5 € per 5GB.

Q - My identifier is a sequence of numbers, it is not very friendly I find.

R -identifierDigital is only oneidentifierConnection. In your ownCloud account, you keep your Zaclys account username (visible at the top right in the web interface). For example, when you use ownCloud Documents for collaborative work, or simply share documents from the "files" menu, it is the nicknames (yours and those of your contacts) that you use, and not the Identifiers. In summary,identifierDigital is used to manage your ownCloud account, and pseudo is your identity in the community.

Q - Where can I find help for using my Cloud account?

A - You can use all the tutorials of the Service presentation page . You can also Forum, in the Cloud section .

Q - I subscribed to a dedicated cloud server (or mini dedicated). If I enable data encryption, do Zaclys can access this data?

R - We are talking about this point in our forum . The source of this information is find here .

Q - What is the data backup policy for Zaclys cloud servers?

R - Nextcloud offers natively the "versionning" of files. From the web interface you have a button to find / switch to earlier versions of a document. For the actual backups, we have implemented a daily replication of the data (Files app) to a remote backup server more than 100 km away. Finally, for all the rest (the other apps), there is a daily backup of the BDD and the front-end virtual server to this backup server.



Using the Mail service

Q - I just opened an account on, how can I open a Mail address?

R - On, go to "My Profile", then in the "Zmail" tab. Click "Yes" to activate your account. You will then have access to your username and password, which you can change. You will also find the configuration information for an e-mail software.

Q - Should I make a donation to use the Mail service?

A - Yes. For the sake of security and durability of the service, only the members can open a mailbox.

Q - How do I access my webmail?

R - Connect to . The identifier and the password are to be recovered during the step described in the first question. You can also use your mailbox in your e-mail software.

Q - What storage capacity can I have?

R - Storage capacity is 5GB for "Silver" members, and 10GB for "Gold" members. You can get more capacity, with a donation of 5 € per 5GB.

Q - Where can I find help for using my e-mail or configuring my e-mail software?

A - You can use all the tutorials of the Service presentation page . You can also Forum, in the Zmail section .

Q - When deleting messages in Roundcube, I have "Server Error: UID COPY: Mailbox does not exist "

R - Normally this problem has been fixed in March 2016. If the problem persists: to create the folder to the trash manually: go to "Settings," then "Folder". In the right box, click "+" and type as the folder name "Trash".

Q - I can not find folders "drafts", "trash" or "junk mail" in my box.

R - These are mail tools that create these folders as needed. Normally this problem has been fixed in March 2016. If the problem persists:
To create the file from the recycle bin manually: go to "settings" and then "Folder." In the right box, click "+", then enter the folder name as "Trash".
If the "delete" button is inactive: go to "Settings", "preferences", "special folders". On the "Trash", select the "trash" folder you just created.

Q - Are my e-mails encrypted?

R - The mails are not encrypted but each one can use a module of
Encryption on its e-mail software, for example on Thunderbird.
On the Roundcube webmail, we will look as soon as possible to install a
Equivalent module.

Q - Receiving emails works but not sending (on IOS / Iphone?).

R - On all mail management apps, there is a setting for the reception and a setting for sending. They are independent. So if you change your password on the site zaclys must be changed in these two places on your mailer.

Knowing this generality, if the reception is working but not send, so here's how to check your settings ios (v9 in my case) go :

• settings
• then "email calendar contacts"
• Then in the list of accounts select your account
• click again on this account up in the list
• down on the sending server you must have (check)
• click it, you find it in the summary list of your SMTP server (SMTP mail sending means):
check that is the "primary server" in this list, otherwise you have several active e-mail accounts and sending email may use other SMTP servers shown here, in which case when the sending error message appears make sure what that server ...
• click again on
• Now check all parameters:

• Host Name:
• username: your number in zaclys (check the main site under "Profile" / "mail")
• password: same to check and change if necessary on the main site under "Profile" / "mail" (avoiding too exotic characters that can cause problems)
• use ssl: active
• Authentication: CRAM MD5
• Server Port: 587

Q - I have created a new address (an alias) in the identities of Roundcube. I can send mail from this alias, but the reception is not working, I do not get anything from my contacts.

A - For this alias to be valid, you must first create it in your profile. Log in to, go to "my profile", tab "Zmail" then "click here to add an address on your mailbox".

Q - Why do you propose the imap protocol, but not pop?

R - All our alternative services are in cloud mode: album, file sending, nextcloud, owncloud, mastodon etc. The objective is to offer simple, practical services, hosted in France with respect for the privacy and property of each, with a coherence of the whole (1 single account to manage everything). The interest of a prom in imap (so in "cloud"), is to be able to use a webmail from anywhere, several pc / mobile, Thunderbird and other clients, whatever you want at the same time. And this while taking advantage of backups, triple discs, bandwidth and resources of our infrastructure.
That said, if your need is to make pop not to leave mails on a server, and thus not to use all this, which we fully understand, then our service unfortunately has no interest in You are in the objective of self-hosting and we advise you to directly use a mail at for example (our dedicated server provider), which will allow you to easily pop on a basic mailbox .


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