Your favorite cookbook always with you  (integrated with Nextcloud)

  • 🔖 A library for all your recipes.
  • 📝 Simple: to add a recipe to the collection, you can paste the URL of the recipe and the provided web page will be analyzed and the recipe automatically imported in the folder you have specified in the application settings.
  • ⚡Import / export your recipes without any problem:  Cookbook uses open JSON files (a lightweight data exchange format, easy to read or write for humans) and follows the standard recipe format (which you can find here:

This app is available on all our dedicated servers, and for our shared clouds (Gold members). You will find here the list of our servers that have this app: advantages

Also find your recipes on your smartphone / tablet:


With the cloud service, you can of course use the Cookbook application presented on this page, but also and above all, you can store and back up your important files, access your files, contacts, calendars and much more, share your files in complete confidence, work together on the same office document, folder or project and synchronize everything to find it on the devices of your choice.

Test Cookbook and the Demo Cloud

You can test Cookbook and the Zaclys Cloud with the demo user account
(user: test, password: test).

Beware, demo servers are reset every night. 

Ready to climb on your little cloud?