Nextcloud Cospend is a shared/group expense manager (integrated with Nextcloud). It was inspired by the awesome IHateMoney.

You can use it when you share a house, when you go on vacation with friends, whenever you share expenses with others.

  • ✎ create / modify / delete projects, members, invoices, invoice categories, currencies
  • ⚖ see member balances
  • 🗠 display project statistics
  • ♻ display a repayment plan
  • 🎇 automatically create invoices corresponding to the repayment plan
  • 🗓 create recurring invoices (daily / weekly / monthly / yearly)
  • 📊 enter a personalized amount for each member in the new invoices
  • 🔗 link invoices with personal files (photo of physical invoice for example)
  • 👩 guest access for people outside of Nextcloud
  • 👫 share a project with Nextcloud users / groups / circles
  • 🖫 import / export projects in csv (compatible with csv files from IHateMoney)
  • 🔗 generate links / QRCode to easily import projects into MoneyBuster
  • 🗲 implements Nextcloud notifications and activity feed

This app is available on all our dedicated servers, and for our shared clouds (Gold members). You will find here the list of our servers that have this app: advantages

Application source page:

Nextcloud Cospend 💰

Nextcloud Cospend is a shared (group) expense manager. It was inspired by the awesome IHateMoney .

You can use it when you share a house, when you go on vacation with friends, whenever you share expenses with others.

Cospend allows you to create projects with members and invoices. Each member has a balance calculated from the project invoices. So you can see who owes the band money and who the band owes money to. At the end, you can request a repayment plan that tells you what payments to make to reset member balances to zero.

Project members are independent from Nextcloud users. Projects can be viewed and edited by people without a Nextcloud account. Each project has a username and password for guest access.

The Android MoneyBuster client is available on F-Droid and on the Play store.
The iOS PayForMe client is under development!

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MoneyBuster, the mobile app

Moneybuster is a shared budget manager able to synchronize with your Zaclys Nextcloud.

What’s different from other shared budget managers?
You can choose where your data is going and preserve your privacy.


* manage projects (add/remove/create/delete/edit)
* manage members (add/remove/edit)
* manage bills (add/remove/edit)
* search bills (by payer, name, amount, date)
* project statistics
* project settlement plan
* share statistics and settlement plan
* dark theme and customizable main app color
* share/import projects with link/QRCode
* multi-lingual user-interface (translated on Crowdin:


Tricount, Cospender, Splitwise etc… which are not FOSS and force you to give away your private data.

Licence : GNU General Public License v3.0 or later

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With the cloud service, you can of course use the Cospend application presented on this page, but also and above all, you can store and back up your important files, access your files, contacts, calendars and much more, share your files in complete confidence, work together on the same office document, folder or project and synchronize everything to find it on the devices of your choice.

Test Cospend and the Demo Cloud

You can test Cospend and the Zaclys Cloud with the demo user account (user: test, password: test).
Beware, demo servers are reset every night. 

Ready to climb on your little cloud?