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How the site works

Pourquoi choisir Zaclys plutôt qu'un autre site ?

Our view of things is totally different from other sites that have a street corner. We are a 1901 non-profit law association and free software enthusiasts. The site is French and hosted in France, as well as all members' data. Respect for your freedom and rights is a top priority for us. Finally, we have two key priorities: security (total and clear control of your albums and shares) and ease of use (even for seniors).

Où puis-je trouver les conditions d'utilisation de Zaclys ?

They are presented to you when you register on the site, their acceptance is essential for the creation of an account. These conditions can be found at any time here: https://www.zaclys.com/conditions-dutilisation/

Le services de Zaclys sont-ils gratuits ?

Zaclys offers a completely free package of services (only the Mail service is reserved for members). However, joining the association by paying a fee, entitles you to additional functions, bonuses of sorts. Most importantly, these contributions support volunteers who work on their free time, and contribute to the cost of hosting servers and financing site improvements.

See the table showing the basic functions and additional functions: http://ww
w.zaclys.com/adherer To join,

support the association and participate in the improvement of the site: h

Les données que je mets en ligne le resteront-elles ou disparaîtront-elles un jour ?

As long as you don't delete your account, and as long as Zaclys exists, your data will stay online (except for the Send service, see "Use of the Send Service"). This site has been around since 2008 and its sustainability is not a concern.

Le site est-il pérenne ? N'y a t-il pas de probabiliés qu'il disparaisse un jour ou l'autre ?

We are a non-profit law 1901 association and above all, we are in total self-financing and full autonomy. We have no investors, no debt, no links with the stock market … The annual fee takes into account the costs of renting and purchasing equipment to run the site and store all your photos, simply. So
even if we don't know the future, we have every reason to remain confident 🙂

J'ai du mal à utiliser les services de Zaclys. Tout est lent, ça fonctionne mal, ou pas du tout.

When you have difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us, by checking your internet speed beforehand (for this, you can do a test on www.ovh.net). The speed of the services depends greatly on the speed of your connection, as well as the time of day (slower at night). In addition, the site is optimized for Firefox, check if your problems persist with this browser

Bien que le site soit optimisé pour Firefox, mes mises en ligne (upload) sont très lentes, alors qu'elles sont normales avec d'autres navigateurs.

There have been times when an antivirus has been called to or blockEd Firefox at this level. To test this, temporarily disable your antivirus and retest. If it is the antivirus that is involved, add Firefox as a "trusted application".

J'ai vu que l'adhésion était offerte pour les écoles. Est-ce également valable pour le service Mail ? Comment s'y prendre pour demander une adhésion gratuite ?

Free membership means that the school benefits from all the Gold membership benefits, including the
Mail service.Use the contact form to request it, simply specifying the school email address you will use on the Zaclys website.

Account management

Que faire en cas de problème de connexion au site Zaclys ?

You can log in with your ID (number ID), your nickname or email If you
need to, you can click on "lost password."

Comment changer le mot de passe ou le pseudo de mon compte ?

At the top right of the page, click "My profile" and then click on the "My contact information" tab. Finally, click "click here to change your password." The next area allows you to change your nickname.

Comment changer l'adresse email de mon compte ? Comment supprimer mon compte ?

These features are not yet available in the "My Profile" area. To delete your account, you must first delete ALL of your photo albums from your profile, and then apply for an account closure using the "contact us" link at the top right of the page. We will do the removal manually. Ditto for an email change. Give us the new email we want and we'll make the change.

Je viens de régler une cotisation pour obtenir les fonctions Argent ou Or, mais je ne les ai toujours pas.

To activate your new features, you need to log out and then log in again.

Ma reconnexion automatique dans la journée avec le même navigateur ne fonctionne pas.

If you use the reconnection on another browser in the meantime, your "token" is crushed, only the last browser keeps it (for security).

Que se passe t-il si je ne renouvelle pas mon adhésion au bout d'un an ?

The member automatically receives an alert email before the end of the annual membership. If the member does not renew his membership, nothing is erased, he just loses the additional functions related to his account, but keeps all of his documents.

Using the Album service

Où puis-je trouver de l'aide pour la création d'albums ?

You can check out our help page: http://album.zaclys.com/album-Zaclys-com,p107,156

Les personnes dont je veux partager l'accès à mes albums doivent-ils créer un compte ?

No, it is not mandatory. During an invitation, they will receive an email containing a secure link giving them access to the albums they are invited to play alone.

Mes invités peuvent-ils ajouter des photos dans mes albums ?
Un invité peut-il voir les adresses mail des autres invités ?

No, all email addresses are only visible to the album owner, so to the person who created the invitations.

Comment sont classés les albums et les photos ?

In an album, the photos are chronologically classified. In your account, albums are categorized alphabetically. So you can name them in order to get a custom sorting.

Puis-je modifier l'ordre des photos dans un album ?
Puis-je mettre en ligne des fichiers autres que des photos, comme par exemple des vidéos.

This is possible if you have Silver or Gold features: ht

Je viens de créer un album et d'inviter mes amis. Si je crée un second album, je dois à nouveau saisir leurs emails ?

An address book function is designed to simplify the management of your guests. In the meantime, you can use a copy/paste. Open your album containing the invitations. Click "Edit." Select the email list and make the right button, "copy." In the same area of your new album, make the right button and "stick"

Pourquoi certaines photos dans mes albums ne se retrouvent pas dans le bons sens ?

Photos are found in the right direction thanks to the use of the EXIF data contained in them. But this data may be lost in some cases, such as with the use of photo editing software, or may not exist at all in the case of old cameras

Pourquoi je ne parviens pas à utiliser la sélection multiple quand je veux mettre en ligne un ensemble de photos sous Internet Explorer.

It seems that Internet Explorer no longer manages this function since version 9. We advise you to use Firefox or another web browser

Je voudrais publier un de mes albums sur mon site web, est-ce possible ?

Yes, it is possible but only for public albums. You should then use the "Publish" feature visible in the insert at the top of the album. Then simply copy/paste the html code (which is then given to you) in your web page, to make appear the dynamic and clickable cover of you
r album. You can also manually use your album's page address (url)

Lors d'une invitation, les invités reçoivent un lien sécurisé. En quoi ce lien est-il sécurisé puisqu''il suffit de cliquer dessus pour avoir accès aux albums ?

In every email that goes to your guests, there is a password in the link that allows guests to access your album. It is an individual and unique password for each guest and for each album and it is very complex (more than 30 digital alpha characters that are visible in the right part of the link). When your guest clicks on the link, this password in the address allows the site to identify your guest for your album. So at any time if you remove one of the friends from the list on your album, their link and associated password immediately become obsolete.

It's as secure as giving it a unique password to enter itself, even better because it's very complex, and it changes for each album. But actually if he follows this link to a third party, or if his email inbox is hacked, then this key can be used by another person, but it is also the case for any password of anything if your email inbox is compromised …

In short we wanted a very simple system to use (our retired parents must be able to use it!) but certainly not at the expense of safety.

Les invitations ont été envoyées alors que je n'ai rien fait. Est-ce normal ?

Yes, invitations are automatically launched after 24 hours. If you don't want that to be the case, go to "My Profile" and then to the "My settings and preferences" tab. Then uncheck the line "Automatic sending invitations in case of forgetting."

J'ai ajouté des photos dans un album, mais elles n'apparaissent pas.

When adding photos to an album, the ranking order is chronological. We must therefore check if these photos did not appear at the end of the album.

Le service Album est lent, que puis-je y faire ?

 There are mainly three factors that influence the speed of service:
1: Members are given priority for the processing of their albums.
2: Your internet connection may be occasionally slow. You can check your speed on http:
//ovh.net 3: Uploading is always much slower than downloading. To improve speed, you can, before going online, reduce the size of your photos, for example with the Gimp software – the Bimp plugin (exists for windows linux and mac) or with Image Resizer (windows only)

Using the Send service

Combien de temps restent en ligne mes données sur le service Envoi ?

By default, the data is stored for 15 days. But this period increases to 20 days for members with "Silver" functions, and 30 days for those with "Gold" functions. See the summary: http:/

Les photos que j'envoie via le service Envoi sont-elles compressées ou réduites en qualité ?

Your files are automatically compressed (automatically grouped into a Zip) to make it easier for your guests to download them. But they do not lose their quality: when decompression by the recipient, they regain their original format.

Quels services supplémentaires puis-je obtenir en adhérant à l'association ?

As with other services, the Silver and Gold functions associated with the Sending service are described in a table on the Join page.

Using the Cloud Service

Je n'arrive pas à me connecter à Cloud, comment faire ?

If you have a problem with your login credentials, go to your profile on www.zaclys.com: identify yourself (see above in "Account Management" if you can't connect to Zaclys either), then go to "my profile" at the top right / "cloud" tab:

– change your password of the relevant cloud server (avoiding exotic characters)- ch
eck your ID (or login) which is a series of numbers without anything else – chec
k the address of the server concerned

Je viens d'ouvrir un compte sur Zaclys.com, comment puis-je m'ouvrir un compte Cloud ?

On Zaclys.com, go to "My Profile" and then to the "Cloud" tab. Click "Yes" to activate your account. You will then have access to your ID and password, which you can change.

Comment accéder à mon espace Cloud ?

Connect to https://webcloud.zaclys.com. The ID and password must be retrieved during the step described in the previous question. In addition to the web interface, you can also access your cloud space via a sync client.

Quelle capacité de stockage puis-je avoir ?

Storage capacity is 1GB for non-members, 5GB for "Silver" members, and 10GB for "Gold" members. You can get more capacity, at a donation of 5 euros per 5GB.

Pourquoi mon espace de stockage est-il réduit ?

Identify yourself on www.zaclys.com and go back to "my profile" / "cloud" tab:

You have activated several servers and as specified on this page, your space is divided and divided between these servers.
Simply disable/activate one of these servers to change this distribution.

Mon identifiant est une suite de chiffres, ce n'est pas bien convivial je trouve.

The digital identifier is just a login ID. In your ownCloud account, you keep your Zaclys account nick (visible at the top right in the web interface). So, for example, when you use ownCloud Documents for collaborative work, or simple document sharing of the "file" menu, it is the nicks (yours and your contacts) that you use, not the digital identifiers. In short, the digital identifier is used to manage your ownCloud account, and the nickname is your identity in the community.

Où puis-je trouver de l'aide pour l'utilisation de mon compte Cloud ?

You can use all the tutorials on the service's presentation page. You can also check out our forum in the Cloud section.

J'ai souscrit à un serveur cloud dédié (ou mini dédié). Si j'active le cryptage des données, est-ce que Zaclys peut accéder à ces données ?

We talk about this point in our forum. The source of this information can be found here.

Comment migrer d'ownCloud vers Nextcloud ?
Transfert des données d'un serveur Nextcloud à l'autre
Que faire en cas d'erreur "is locked" ?

First, make sure it's not a voluntary lock from another person: "File Locking in Nextcloud" video

First, check if the problem persists: locks are cleaned every hour

IMPORTANT to avoid these problems:

Avoid doing contradictory and successive operations too quickly on your files (drop, move, rename, delete… ) because the server needs time to integrate and broadcast all these operations.
This is the first cause, whether on the web interface of the cloud server or locally on your PC/Mac in the folder to be synchronized: avoid doing "rangement" live.

If your internet connection isn't fast, in the sync client settings, set the bandwidth limit to "automatic" on the "Network" part. And check the errors displayed in "Activities" to find clues to your problems: if it's a lock error: see above and wait.

– Avoid dropping files with Firefox if you have installed plugins or made special adjustments, there are often problems on this browser.

– If you drop off through your browser: avoid adding files when a transfer is not complete.

– Also avoid browsing the contents of your folders during transfers because these operations need competitive access to files (the app "preview" and "gallery" on the web interface, your antivirus and the local file explorer on your PC/Mac… ).

– If you use multiple cloud servers: be careful locally on your PC/Mac to have an independent folder for each server. Especially no folder or common folder for 2 servers, if not insured problems.

– If you use the sync client, be careful to use the official client and not another to connect to our servers, for Nextcloud it's here: https://nextcloud.com/install/#insta
ll-clients Do regular client updates to fix bugs and remain compatible with our servers. Especially be careful not to use a ownCloud client with a Nextcloud server and vice versa.

Using the Mail service


Je n'arrive pas à me connecter à Zmail, comment faire ?

If you have a problem with your login credentials, go to your profile on www.zaclys.com: identify yourself (see above in "Account Management" if you also can't connect to Zaclys), then go to "my profile" at the top right / "mail" tab:

– change your password (avoiding exotic characters)-
check your ID (or login) which is a series of numbers with nothing el
se – check the address of our webmail (or our server if you use email reading software)

Je viens d'ouvrir un compte sur Zaclys.com, comment puis-je m'ouvrir une adresse Mail ?

On Zaclys.com, go to "My Profile" and then to the "Zmail" tab. Click "Yes" to activate your account. You will then have access to your ID and password, which you can change. You'll also find configuration information for messaging software.

Faut-il faire un don pour utiliser le service Mail ?

Yes. For the sake of safety and durability of the service, only members can open an email box.

Comment accéder à mon webmail ?

Connect to https://webmail.zaclys.net. The ID and password must be retrieved during the step described in the first question. You can also use your inbox in your email software.

Quelle capacité de stockage puis-je avoir ?

The storage capacity is 5GB for "Silver" members, and 10GB for "Gold" members. You can get more capacity, at a donation of 5 euros per 5GB.

Où puis-je trouver de l'aide pour l'utilisation de mon mail ou la configuration de mon logiciel de messagerie ?

You can use all the tutorials on the service's presentation page. You can also check out our forum in the Zmail section.

Lors de la suppression de messages dans Roundcube, j'ai "Erreur de serveur : UID COPY: Mailbox does not exist"

Normally this problem was corrected in March 2016. If the pb persists: to create the bin folder manually: go to "parameters" and then "dossiers." In the right-hand zone, click "O" and enter "Trash" as a folder name.

Je ne trouve pas de dossiers "brouillons", "corbeille" ou "courrier indésirable" dans ma boite.

It is the mail tools that create these folders as needed. Normally this problem was corrected in March 2016. If the pb persi
sts :Pur create the bin folder manually: go to "parameters" and then "dossiers." In the right-hand zone, click "O" and enter "Trash" as a folder name. If
the "delete" button is inactive: go to "parameters," "preferences," "special folders." On the "basket" line, select the "trash" folder you just created.

Mes mails sont-ils cryptés ?

Emails are not encrypted but everyone can use an encryptio
n module on their email software, for example on Thunderbird.
sages On the Roundcube webmail, we'll look as soon as possible to install an
equivalent module.

La réception des mails fonctionne mais pas l'envoi (sur IOS / Iphone) ?

On all email management apps, there is a setting for reception AND a setting for sending. They're independent. So if you change your password on the zaclys site you have to change it at these 2 places on your email software.

Knowing this generality, if the reception works but not the sending, then here's how to check your settings on ios (v9 in my case) go in:

and then "mail contacts calenda
r" – then in the list of accounts choose your account zaclys
.net – again click on this account at the top in the propo
sed list – bottom on sending server you must have smtp.zaclys.net
(check) , you find it in the summary list of your servers smtp (smtp means sending email): check that smtp.
zaclys.net is indeed the "primary server" in this list, otherwise it is that you have several active email accounts and that sending mail can use other servers smtp shown here, in which case when the message of error of sending appears well check what server is concerned …
 Click on it again
– now check all the parameters: '
ost name: smtp.zaclys.net '
username: your number at zaclys (check on the main site in "my profile" / "mail") – pas
sword: same to check and change if necessary on the main site in "my profile" / "mail" (avoiding too exotic characters that can be proble
matic) – use ssl: acti
ve – authentication: CRAM M
D5 – server port: 587

J'ai créé une nouvelle adresse (un alias) dans les identités de Roundcube. J'arrive à envoyer des messages depuis cet alias, mais la réception ne fonctionne pas, je ne reçois rien de mes contacts.

For this alias to be valid, you must first create it in your profile. Connect to Zaclys.com, go to "my profile," "Zmail" tab and then "click here to add an address to your inbox."

Pourquoi vous proposez le protocole imap, mais pas pop ?

All our alternative services are in cloud mode: album, file sending, nextcloud, owncloud, mastodon etc. The aim is to offer simple, practical services, hosted in France with respect for the privacy and ownership of each, with a coherence of the whole (1 account only to manage everything). The interest also of an imap ball (so in "cloud"), is to be able to use a webmail from anywhere, several pc / mobile, Thunderbird and other customers, whatever you want at the same time. And that's while taking advantage of the backups, tripled drives, bandwidth and resources of our infrastru
cture. That said, if your need is on the contrary to pop so as not to leave emails on a server, and therefore not to use all this, which we understand completely, then our service unfortunately has no interest for you: you are in a goal of self-hosting and we advise you to use an email directly at ovh.com for example (our dedicated server provider) , which will allow you to easily pop on a basic mailbox.



Mail et cloud gratuits pour les écoles ?
Mail service:

Reminder: to create an email box on our site, you must first create a user account with an existing email address (this by security to combat misuse). Then if you are a member or if you benefit from the service offered (schools, dedicated server etc), then from this account you will be able to activate your mailbox (in "my profile" / tab "mail") and choose one or more email addresses (aka") for this box. Please note that sending a free SMS is required to validate the activation of the mail service.

If you are a school: before or after you have created your account just use our contact form to request to take advantage of the service for free: we add your email address to the list of our "user institutions" and then when you log on to the site your free annual subscription/membership will be automatically activated.  If you had already paid online to quickly activate your inbox: ditto made the request by adding that you are asking for the refund of the contribution.

Once you've activated your email service and your email address zaclys.net chosen, you can, if you wish, correct the email address that you used to open your user account with your new address: in "my profile" / "Coordinates" tab.

Service Mails / the "Alias": 

You can add up to 10 addresses (or "a alias") to your inbox. All emails arriving on these addresses fall into your inbox. To respond to emails received using these different addresses (sender addresses) you must also declare them on your email tool: if you use our webmail "RoundCube" it is a matter of doing so in "preferences" / "identities".  So when you reply or write a new email, your "aliases" will be available in the "sender" drop-down list.



Cloud service: 

To take advantage of our cloud service with 10GB of space: see the first 2 paragraphs above, the cloud service is also to activate "my profile"/ tab "cloud". Then follow the instructions 🙂


Ecoles : comment ouvrir des boites mails et des comptes cloud pour mes élèves ?

First you have to create an account for the teacher who will be responsible for this class: refer to the previous section of this FAQ called "Free Mail and Cloud for Schools?"

Once the "teacher" account is created, you must proceed in three steps: 

1/ Identify yourself on our website and use our contact form to request that your students benefit from the free subscription/membership to our services, simply telling us how many students are. You may be asked for proof.

2/ We will take into account your request and we will add "aliases" to your teacher account that will be visible in "my profile" / tab "mail" , form: eXXXX@zaclys.net, eXXXY@zaclys.net etc… These
"aliases" are temporary email addresses that are attached to your teaching account.

From there, you – or your students in class can do it individually – can create individual free user accounts on our site using these temporary email addresses. 

NB: these new accounts are attached to your teacher account, to validate the creation of online accounts the confirmation email is sent on these "aliases" so in your teacher's inbox. So it's up to you as the manager to validate the creation of each box with a simple click.

Tip: if you do it yourself you can either log out of the site to switch from one account to another, or use a 2nd browser (chrome and firefox for example), or on your browser open a new window in "private browsing" to isolate your 2 sessions teacher and student.

3/ Then each student can log in with their account: their free annual membership/subscription is automatically activated.

He can then in "my profile" activate and set up his cloud service and/or his email service and choose his email address. It is advisable to impose a charter of naming to you to find you, of the form: prenom.nom.ecole@zaclys.net (first name will often be taken).

Then he can detach his account from your teacher account, going into "my profile" / tab "coordinates" and replacing the initial temporary email address, by the email address he chose and activated in his mail service.

PS: to use our webmail "RoundCube" , it will have to at the first connection declare its email address in "preferences" / "identities".


Haven't found the answer to your question? Check out the full help in the Zaclys Wiki or ask your question in the forum.

If all this is not enough, there will always be a member to help you behind the contact page 😉

022032051 041