Simple, straightforward surveys and questionnaires (integrated with Nextcloud)

Free and open source equivalent of Google Forms, Typeform, Doodle…

  • 📝 Simple design: No mass of options, only the essentials. Works well on mobile of course.
  • 📊 View & export results: Results are visualized and can also be exported as CSV in the same format used by Google Forms.
  • 🔒 Data under your control! Unlike in Google Forms, Typeform, Doodle and others, the survey info and responses are kept private on your instance.
  • 🙋 Get involved! We have lots of stuff planned like more question types, collaboration on forms, and much more!

This app is available on all our dedicated servers, and for our shared cloud (Gold subscription) you will find here the list of our servers that have this app: benefits

App’s source page:


With the cloud service, you can of course use the Form application presented on this page, but also and above all, you can store and back up your important files, access your files, contacts, calendars and much more, share your files in complete confidence, work together on the same office document, folder or project and synchronize everything to find it on the devices of your choice.

Test Forms and the Demo Cloud

You can test Talk and the Zaclys Cloud with the demo user account (user: test, password: test).
Beware, demo servers are reset every night. 

Ready to climb on your little cloud?