RGPD – Privacy Policy – Personal Data

Ethical Zaclys 

Zaclys is a small French structure, providing alternative web services made with care, durable, supportive and respectful of your privacy… and it changes everything. 

We don't depend on advertising for a living, so you don't have to trace or "profile" you.

We are also part of Framasoft's Kittens collective, which fights every day for your privacy (cf Manifesto and Charter on chatons.org). 


Cookies or not cookies, Google the big brother

Cookies do not deserve the bad reputation they have had in recent years.

The real problem is external cookies, trackers, pixels, imported scripts and other Google tracers (and others… but Google is far ahead of the others).

For more than 15 years, Google has designed free, useful and efficient tools for webmasters:analytics for stats, adsense for advertising management (useful for monetizing its website), maps for plans, fonts for css3 fonts, etc. 

Webmasters use and install these tools on their websites… and install google tracers on every page of their sites … Google ends up with an eye that follows you on most web pages of the planet, legally, for free, and without doing anything.  

Better if we take their flagship adsense (advertising direction): advertisers pay Google to display advertising and Google uses without doing anything the pages of sites that have kindly installed this tool themselves to display the ad. Google gives them a small portion of the profit for the use of this display space, which allows the author of the site to monetize his work and be able to continue his adventure.

But by the way this tool allows Google to see you pass (you the target of this ad), to know the subject that interested you on this site (shoes?), so to establish your profile … it's the nerve of war for Google who needs it to adjust the ad it displays according to your interests, so that you click on them (you'll definitely click on these shoes by seeing them everywhere on the sites you visit). And when you click Google bill back its advertiser. The loop is closed.

And their plotters follow your visits from one site to another. So on a site A you are looking for a pair of shoes, you go to a site B of recipes of kitchens and you find these same shoes in the banner of pub, then again on the site C news … Because these 3 sites use one or more free services from Google and Google sees you pass on these 3 sites…


Zaclys cookies (with fresh butter and real eggs)

We only use cookies to keep you connected and logged on from page to page. You can disable cookies on your browser, that's your right. But that would be a mistake, your browser needs it to manage your visit to the websites!

A cookie is just a small piece of information that is sent by our site "session – XXXXX" and that is stored by your browser. Then when you go from page to page on our site, your browser returns this information to us, which allows us to keep you connected and identified on the site from one page to another.

The alternative would be to pass a session ID on the url of the pages, which would pose security and privacy issues for your data 😉

We do not use any services from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. so none of their tracker is present on our pages.  We also don't use the "connect with your Google or Facebook" features.
At worst at Zaclys if you click on our links "share on FB" then Facebook will know that you were on the page of our site … but that's what you wanted by clicking on the link! 
Our statistics or advertising display tools are homemade tools, without external tracer.
Solicitations and newsletters
We do not sell your contact information, nor do we use your contact information for unsolicited emails. Your data is your exclusive property. That's the base. 
We just have a reduced-issue newsletter (1 or 2 per year), you can subscribe/unsubscribe at any time in "my profile," "settings" tab.
If you receive an email from Zaclys asking for private information, your password, or log on to our site to check/correct anything: it's a fake email and it's an anarch (phishing), don't reply.
Perrennity and storage of your data 
We rent exclusively servers from OVH France. Our servers are located in Roubaix, Gravelines and Strasbourg. Our systems and networks administrators manage the protection of our servers in accordance with the rules of the art and in the constant concern of respect for your privacy … and theirs since they also use the services of Zaclys 😉
However, we cannot guarantee that there will be no security flaw in the third-party software we use (Nextcloud or the forum, for example). For the rest we use a home cmS which avoids the security flaws "zero day" that can be seen on classic CMS such as WordPress or Drupal for example.
All exchanges between our servers and your browser are encrypted (SSL) with an internal encoder (to avoid Google NSA-type vulnerabilities). We also use internal firewalls and several "homemade" tools to ensure data security.

Our infrastructure is also protected by OVH's physical equipment and networks (DDOS protection, power outages, physical access to data centers, etc.).

Our hard drives are tripled (raid 10 zfs) and backed up on a remote storage of more than 100 km. 

Keeping your data 
Your personal data is kept for a period of time in accordance with the legal provisions or proportional to the purposes for which it was recorded. 
Clearly you have created an account at Zaclys to store your data, so we will not delete it without your consent (except in the context of a clear misuse of use, especially on the email service, we can destroy the account without notice).
You can request the complete deletion of your data and information at any time, using our contact form.
What data?
  • everything you put on our website,
  • all the information and choices you enter on our forms (you have to store it to view or process),
  • ID and encrypted password 
  • your activity on our services (if you receive an invitation to view an album and you use it, that action is recorded, otherwise you cannot report it to the invitation's author), 
  • specific information to help you in case of a bug (which browser, which operating system, ip address, last page visited, login date…)
  • the address of the reference site if necessary (if you clicked on a link in another site to arrive at Zaclys, we will know what this site is)

Contact the DPO /DPD (data protection officer/ data protection officer)

The DPO is one of the co-managers of Zaclys, you can contact him via our contact form for any request related to this subject.