Free service for sending large files.

A problem sending a large file from your email? This service is for you! Free, simple, secure, ad-free and unsigned for the recipient. "Send, it's weighed!"

You can send your files now, but if you really want to, you can check the notice first.



How does it work?

As simple as a simple email! Select your files and the email address of your recipients. Send! They will receive a clickable link by email to download your documents safely.

How big are the files? How many?

1GB per transfer! Your files will be automatically grouped into a Zip to make it easier to download.

A trick?

To know the weight of your files before sending: make the right button /properties on this file.

Another trick?

You can make as many transfers as you want.


The service is free and accessible to all. Zaclys is a French association that offers alternative services for privacy. We just ask to make reasonable use of it and the members have advantages (detailed here) to encourage to contribute (5 or 10 euros per year). This is what has allowed all of this to exist since 2008.