You can throw your USB keys away

Discover the ZKey, as practical as a USB key, without the inconvenience of a USB key. 
You do not risk losing or breaking it and your data is secure!

As with a conventional USB key, an additional drive appears in your file explorer, 
except that here your files are stored securely on our Zaclys servers.

Your “USB key” on the internet with Zaclys

Test the new ZKey by Zaclys!

Safer than a USB key or an external hard drive which can break or be lost, your internet storage space benefits from the security of the Zaclys’ servers.

We test the latest generation technologies that are safer than traditional NAS offers: ssh transfer encryption, server isolation and authentication by ssh key.

Already more than


have tested the ZKey and adopted it


A pluggable internet storage space on Linux, Mac OS, Windows (and any OS supporting sshfs).

For now, the installation must be done manually, then depending on the feedback and the plebiscite of the testers, Zaclys will develop and offer an automatic installation tool (in the form of a package to be installed beforehand)

This service was in the testing phase, we have now switched it to pre-production on a suitable server (doubled disks, memory and CPU resources multiplied by 3, etc.)

So give it a try and give us feedback!

ZKey support, frequently asked questions, join the forum and participate in its development:


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